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Jamieanne Comyn

I grew up around family members who were either building wooden boats, piloting tugboats, roaring around in a speed boat, who knew the art of putting ship into bottles, boat blue prints, drawings and paintings, chatter regarding boats amongst other things and summers at the beach. However, life took a direction that meant I was not able to delve further into my passion for boats and being on the water.
However, I continued to engage my passion through my photography and art – including a port-folio on Port Adelaide some 26 years ago. This included black and white photography and renderings using different media and in colour and black and white.
When my son was in grade 5 his class had to put a picture of their hero on their reader cover. My son put a photocopy of a boat wreck I had illustrated from my Port Adelaide port folio...I was his hero of the day...and moved that he saw me as such. I have also had my own solo art exhibitions, been involved in mixed exhibitions and have done commission work. While I am working towards further academic work which will see me draw from the maritime arena, I am now embarking upon the putting together of a few mini photographic exhibitions and a few books.
The books will draw on my sailing experiences as well as others. I am at this stage predominantly sailing with Dis-Abel Sailing on a David Payne design yacht called Freedom and will expand on my experience by crewing on other yachts – both cruising and racing and becoming involved with Disable Sailing later this year. I am also involved with maintenance (light) on South Australia’s historical tall ship the Falie.
My first book I intend to have a focus on the uniqueness found only in the sailing world showcasing as much of the diversity as I can gather. That is, the stories within the story.
Thus why I am enjoying the venture that co-managing the Facebook page I love Sailing has afforded me. I have come across such an amazing broad spectrum of other peoples sailing experiences and expressions of their passion for sailing. So Awesome!
The aim of this Facebook page pertains to being a gathering point where those who love sailing can feel free to share this amongst others who feel the same. So I invite you to check out I Love sailing and welcome positive contributions that others will find positive.

Click this link to see the I Love Sailing Facebook Page.


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