Our IT Services division and its associates can provide all the services summarised on this page

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Contact Details

Registered Office: Abacus Building, 8 High Street, OBAN, Argyll, PA34 4BG


Office: 08444 144990 or 01631 524500

Mobile: 07968 123524


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Network Consultancy

We have specialised in the provision of high quality, highly reliable Network Operating Systems for over 20 years.


Our consultants have unrivalled expertise and can assist you in specification, configuration, implementation or tuning of systems.


Free Wireless Hotspots

Wireless hotspotsThese days many people will prefer to visit places where they know they'll get a free wifi connection.

We offer package solutions to provide open wifi over a designated area, either transparently, or with e-mail signup, or password protected.


These solutions can be used to great effect by boatyards, moorings associations, marinas, hotels, guesthouses, community groups and more.


In a typical installation, your customers can auto-subscribe to the system, login , be presented with a welcome page of your choice and allowed to access the internet free of charge, while you receive by email the details of all who subscribe. All done automatically.


The the welcome page can be fully under your control and would typically reside as a special page on your web site. It can be used to provide information to customers, advertise your facilities etc etc, yet can be anywhere on the internet. You can even sell advertising space on it to companies providing services in your area.

Please contact us or give Rob a call on 07968 123524 if you'd like to discuss how this could work for your business. Our custom designed packages start in the region of £400 as a one off charge, installed and running, plus standard monthly broadband fees.


Virtual Tours

The power of 360° virtual tours lies in their interactivity. They are currently the most effective way of allowing your customers to experience your environment and are surpassed only by a visit in person.

ImageWeavers have been a leading virtual tour provider in Scotland since 1999 & produce work of the very highest quality.

Please click through to their site to see examples in the marine, tourism and construction industries.


Website Design

The developers at ImageWeavers are the creative mind behind this site, amongst many others across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Specialising in the marine, tourism, music and construction industries, they will be glad to discuss your project ideas with you. Click through to their site for portfolio, prices and contact details.