About Western Horizon

What do you offer?

If you're wondering what benefits we offer you, here are a few:

And many more things besides. If there's anything you wonder about or would like to know, please do get in touch.


Where are you based?

Our head office is in Oban, Argyll, although the boats we represent are generally on their own moorings or in boatyards across our operating areas.

Each boat listing shows the approximate location of the boat so you know roughly where you'd be heading for should you want to arrange a viewing.


What are your opening hours?

We are happy to receive calls and e-mails from you anytime (9am - 10pm is best for phone calls) 7 days a week. Similarly, viewings can be arranged 7 days a week and are limited only for practical reasons to daylight hours, but please give us as much notice as possible as ALL our viewings are accompanied and we can't be in two places at once!


At Western Horizon we do not have a lot of staff which means it's possible that you'll sometimes get voicemail if we're already on a call, or in a precarious position on a boat, or just somewhere a phone can't go! If that happens, please do let us know that you called and we'll get right back to you. Your voicemail message will be sent straight to a mobile email address so we will know you have called very quickly! Unfortunately, if your number is withheld your call will automatically be routed to our voicemail, so please don't forget to leave your number so we can call back.


About Selling a Boat

How long will it take to get our boat on the website?

We will aim to get your boat photographed and have full details on the website within 7 days of receiving the brokerage agreement. This will be influenced to some degree by the weather and availability of keys, but best efforts will always be made to get the boat listed at the earliest opportunity.


How should we prepare our boat for sale?

As a first pass it's advisable to remove as much 'clutter' from the boat as possible and clean outside and in. Obviously if you are still sailing her then there's a certain amount of stuff that will always have to stay around, but try to make everything as neat and tidy as possible. Ideally get this done before we come to photograph the boat.

We are happy to advise you on any of this and can arrange for a professional cleaning firm to prepare the boat for you at cost if you wish.


How long will it take to sell my boat?

This depends largely on the type of boat you are trying to sell and what time of year it is. We know it sounds like a cop out it really is impossible to know what the market will be doing. All we can promise is that we'll do our upmost to get extensive and realistic pictures of your boat in front of people, the rest is up to them. Our advice is not to make any plans for the money until it's in the bank!


About Money

What are your fees?

Our standard commission rate is 5% of the sale price. At the current time there is no VAT to pay.


Is there a minimum fee?

Yes, our minimum fee is £500.


How is Western Horizon Yachts paid?

Our commission will be retained from the sale funds transferred to our holding account by the buyer.


About Buying a Boat

What is the procedure?

Once you have visited and decided that you'd like to buy a boat listed on this site, drop us a line with your offer which we will pass onto the vendor. If this is accepted we'll draw up a sales and purchase agreement which establishes the terms for the next stages of your purchase.


This document is designed to protect both vendor and purchaser from the worst excesses of what can happen between an accepted offer and final exchange.


Once the documents are signed and a 10% deposit paid the purchaser may go ahead with a survey and, if agreed, a sea trial. Within a fixed period the boat may then be accepted, rejected or the price re-negotiated based on any new findings.


If rejected the purchaser will have their deposit returned less any costs incurred as a result of the survey, relocation of the boat etc.


If accepted a date for handover will be agreed and the balance paid to the client holding acount. Once we have cleared funds in the dedicated client holding account the transfer of title will take place & all documents and keys be handed over.


If we find a way to circumvent the broker, why shouldn't we do that?

Well, I think that question is probably based on the general perception that brokers do nothing, so why should they have any money for it?


Our defence would be that it isnt the case. You can see for yourselves the work and thought that has gone into creating this website. Each boat is visited by one or two of our agents and carefully photographed including a virtual tour. The agent (commission based) will then return to the boat numerous times, either to conduct viewings, or just to check on it if they are in the area.


In addition to this, and to a buyers own direct benefit. We will draw up a sales and purchase agreement to provide an agreed framework for the delicate stages between accepted offer and final exchange. We will ensure that the correct title documents are produced and handed over along with historical paperwork, and give advice on the latest legislation relating to VAT and RCD on second hand boats.


Most importantly we will make sure that the funds are transferred securely through a dedicated client holiding account approved by the BMF.


And last but not least we will give the buyer(s) a complimentary years offshore membership of the RNLI.


Everyone who works at Western Horizon Yachts owns and has bought and sold boats through brokers in the past, and so are familiar with a customers perspective. We strive to use this knowledge to ease the process of buying & selling however we can.